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A Private Member's Wine Club

A Private Member's Wine Club


Big Cheese provides a platform to enjoy wine, socialize and benefit from an incredible community of individuals.

Our Purpose

We come together in Big Cheese to enjoy wine, learn about wine, meet like minded leaders, make lasting friendships and make a difference in the community in which we are a part of.

Our Members

Our community is inclusive and welcoming. Each Big Cheese member brings a diverse background of perspectives, culture, ideas and expertise. These are leaders who strive to grow in all aspects: with a thirst for deep learning, new experiences and of course, a profound affection for wine.

Our Community

Big Cheese fosters and an environment of open sharing and trust. Here, we learn from one another, have delightful and cultivate enduring bonds of friendship that last a lifetime.


Private Member's Wine Club Membership


Tier 1

Referrals and board approvals are required for membership

  • Access to multiple private wine tastings that happen regularly through the course of the year
  • Access to rare wine experiences and tastings
  • Access to rare wine drops and ability to purchase rare-vintage wines directly from the principal wineries.
  • Our tier 1 members are extraordinary leaders who have achieved significant success within the UAE; the majority of the current members are founding members of Big Cheese.


Tier 2

No recommendations or approvals are required for now

  • 3 large-scale events a year for all members hosted by key industry experts in the wine industry.
  • 2 smaller networking evening where Big Cheese will collaborate with other clubs in region
  • Access to rare wine drops and ability to purchase rare-vintage wines.

Blockchain and Wine

  • The Big Cheese wine club utilizes blockchaintechnology to issue memberships as opposed to traditional paper contracts. All this means is that your membership contract will be stored in your digital wallet as opposed to you keeping a plethora of paperwork with you physically. The technology allows you to actually sell your membership if you so please. If you are a tier 2 member, you will be able to sell your membership on a marketplace such as, Open Sea or Rarirble; if you are a tier 1 member you will be able to sell your membership once you have the approval from two current members who are a part of the DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization) . In both scenarios, the token represents your membership and allows you to extract value from the selling of the membership should you wish to. The Big cheese club works tirelessly to increase the value that the club offers to both tier 1 and tier 2, which in turn will increase the value of the membership going forward.