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How to become a Tier 1 Big Cheese Member?

To gain access to tier 1 of the Big Cheese club, individuals would need to obtain recommendations from two currents members who are tiers 1 token holders. These tokens would serve as a form of membership, granting individuals access to the club's exclusive events, offerings, and services. Big Cheese Tier 1 is operated as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), with all decisions made by the members through the blockchain. Membership in the club would be limited to a select few, ensuring exclusivity and creating a sense of community among members.

Benefits of Membership Tier 1

  • Access to rare wine experiences and tastings that occur almost monthly. Attendees will only be Tier 1 members
  • 24/7 access to wine experts – Access our incredibly knowledgeable wine experts 24/7 via text, phone and email for anything you may require. Our team can assist you with everything from the finding perfect restaurant on your next trip out of town to advising you if its a good time to uncork that 2002 Clos de Tart!
  • Access to the Big Cheese Tier 1 community
  • Exclusive trips to partner wineries with incredibly rare and exclusive tastings with a fully created schedule exclusively for Big Cheese Tier 1 members
  • Access to rare wine drops and ability to purchase rare-vintage wines (many more opportunities than tier 2)
  • Access to high-profile wine experiences  within Dubai through various partner organizations